How we work

Service and customer focus for us are a natural thing. That is why we are happy to explain how we work:

Orientation phase

The orientation phase is the first step in your house hunting project. We will provide you with information about properties that we have for sale, or will search for objects that fit your preferences. During the orientation phase, it is important to carefully examine the requirements that your future home or apartment must meet, so that a viewing can be prepared in the best possible way. We of course also provide you with the necessary information about the buying process in Italy, the purchase costs and our conditions. One of our team or a local partner will assist you during the viewings and provide you with all the information you might need. It can be decided to let an independent Italian geometra carry out an additional tecnical survey a specific property that you are interested in.

The offer

Once you have found the property that suits you, the bidding process starts. We help you with this up to the final offer. A serious bid is usually recorded in a written document, the proposta. The offer in Italy is always accompanied by the provision of an "anticipo" or signing money and this is usually given to the selling broker. He keeps the sum until an agreement between buyer and seller is reached, after which it serves as the first down payment of the purchase price to the seller.

Purchase contract

An agreement between buyer and seller must be recorded in an official purchase contract. It is our job to draw up this purchase contract in a legally binding manner. As an official Italian Real Estate agent, we have all the expertise to accomplish this task. At this point it is required to have an Italian fiscal number (codice fiscale). We can take care of this for you. The Italian purchase contract can only have all legal effects when an advance down payment is being made to the seller (a 'cappara confirmatoria').

Transfer of ownership

After signing and registering the purchase contract at the Italian Tax office, a date for the transfer can be set. Before the transfer we check for the presence of all relevant documents, the cadastral and permit situation and we provide the responsible Italian notary with all information to be able to draw up the notary contract.

Additional purchase costs

The buyer of a property in Italy must take into account a number of purchase costs. Firstly, transfer tax or VAT must be paid on the cadastral value or the purchase price. In addition, the notary fee and also the agent's commission. The exact percentage of additional costs depends on a number of factors. You can find more information about the additional costs in our information brochure 'Buying a property in Italy with ItaliaCasa'. We will of course inform you about the purchase costs prior to the bidding phase.

Our commission and service package

ItaliaCasa calculates, depending on the amount of the purchase price, a commission of 3% - 4% over the agreed purchase price (with a minimum of € 6,000). Our extra service also includes the following:

  • assessment of the relevant Italian documents and an indicative translation in English;
  • applying for a tax number in Italy (codice fiscale);
  • opening a bank account;
  • full assistance during all phases of the buying process.


Optional service package

In addition to the services included in the ItaliaCasa standard package, our asstance could also include:

  • structural and / or cadastral inspection: it may be advisable to have an additional inspection carried out by an independent expert. In particular, having a tecnical survey carried out (relazione tecnica) by a specialist (geometra) can be strongly recommended to investigate the complete legal and cadastral situation of a property. We have an excellent network of specialists who know local regulations well, know the premises in their area of ​​work and are familiar with the local bureaucracy;
  • Legal advice: ItaliaCasa has experienced team members with a legal background who can advise you on all legal aspects related to the purchase of real estate in Italy. For complex legal matters we can refer you to specialized lawyers;
  • assistance for insurances, gas, water, light and telephone connections;
  • viewing trips in Italy: ItaliaCasa can organize the complete viewing for you. Booking a flight, booking a hotel, everything is possible, just ask us!

Please contact us for more information or request the brochure 'Buying a property in Italy with ItaliaCasa' by clicking on this link. For an overview of all our services click here. NB. the above-mentioned rates are exclusive of VAT.

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