Corona and your Italian Dream

March 2020

Suddenly the world faces uncertain times. Countries have closed their borders and reports of the Covid-19 virus and the human suffering caused by it dominate the daily news. Our beloved Italy has been one of the first countries in Europe to be hit by the virus, and the Italian government has had to take draconian measures to prevent further spread of it. We see a lot of sad images, but Italy would not be Italy if there were not all kind of creative ideas. Just think of singing sessions from balconies, which show the resilience of the Italians to the world. Our entire ItaliaCasa team lives and works in Italy and all team members are affected by the measures taken by the Italian authorities. Nevertheless, our teammembers are connected online and share their experiences every day. The present time will also have consequences for you personally and for your work and business wherever in the world you live. We hope that your dream to buy a beautiful property in Italy will stay alive and that this dream can give you the strength to look to the future with optimism and confidence.

We continue working

We will continue to work with this optimism from the country we love, Italy! Our entire team currently works at home and is available online, by phone or by Skype for all your questions you might have on a daily basis. No matter how difficult the situation is at the moment, we think that we can help each other and Italy by picking up our lives, if possible, and continuing with our concerns. At this moment we have plenty of time to discuss your wishes and to select the most interesting properties for you. If you use our tool to submit your search profile to us, we will contact you at the time or moment that suits you best. Unfortunately vewings are not possible at the moment, but we are happy to look ahead and are ready to inform you and of course to receive you it Italy when circumstances are better again. For now we wish you good health. Keep an eye on yourself and your loved ones, but never stop dreaming of a house in Italy!

Ronald de Rooy

Managing partner & Other regions