On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed here? Please contact us or ask your question here. A lot of information about the buying process, the additional costs, etc. can also be found in our information brochure 'Buying a Property in Italy with ItaliaCasa'.

1. Orientation

How can I prepare for the purchase of a property in Italy?

The most important part has to be done by yourself: ask what you are looking for, where you want to search and how you will finance the purchase. The orientation phase is an important start of your search. Evaluate if your wishes can be realized with your budget. The formal aspects like the application for an Italian tax number and opening a bank account can wait until you find a home that you are about to buy.

What do I need to be able to buy a house?

To be able to conclude an Italian purchase contract, you first need an Italian fiscal number (codice fiscale). We will arrange the code at the Italian tax authorities, but you can also request it yourself through the website of the Italian Embassy in your home country.

Can I apply for a mortgage in Italy?

Yes, you can also finance part of the purchase price of your home in Italy through an Italian bank. Conditions do apply.


I have seen a property with another property agent, can you help me?

Yes, we can also help you. It is important to let us take the first contact with the other agency. Otherwise, you may have to incur double purchase costs.


I see that the same house is being offered by several agencies, how is that possible?

There is no exclusivity in Italy. This means that a seller often works with several property agents to sell a property. If he forgets to inform one of the agents about a reduced asking price, you may even come across different asking prices on the internet. We always check the most recent asking price with the seller.


2. Viewing

Can I view properties with you?

Yes, if you give us some time to organize the viewings. Please contact us -if possible- a few weeks in advance.


Can I still view houses in these Corona times?

That depends on the restrictions imposed by the Italian government and the individual Italian regions. The situation changes from week to week, but there are often possibilities. Consult the government websites of your country of residence for more information.


3. The purchase

What purchase costs do I have to take into account?

As in other countries, the buyer will have to pay the purchase costs. Purchase taxes, the notary, the costs for transfer of ownership in the land registry and the agencies commission. In particular, the purchase tax (transfer tax or Italian VAT) can vary in different situations.


What does the buying process include?

The course of the buying process is in many ways similar to how it works in other European countries. There is a bidding phase, a (provisional) purchase contract is concluded and an Italian notary transfers ownership.


How do I know if a house I want to buy meets all the requirements?

If you conclude a purchase contract, the seller gives you the guarantee that the house fully complies with all legal and cadastral requirements. The seller must also be able to demonstrate this at the notarial transfer. To do an extra check, it may be useful to have a status report drawn up by an Italian geometra.


What differences are there between real estate agents in Italy other countries?

The profession of real estate agent (agente di affari in mediazione) is protected by law. In order to mediate in real estate, various requirements must be met and the agent must be registered in the register of medeators (REA). Only an official Italian medeator is allowed to charge commission. And an official broker has the authority to work for both parties and charge commission as an expert who brings parties together (mediazione).


As a buyer, do I always have to pay commission?

In Italy, an accredited Italian property agent has the right to request commission from both the seller and the buyer. This means that you will always have to pay commission when purchasing a home through us or through another official property agent.


How do I know if I am dealing with an official property agent?

An Italian real estate agent must have completed a dedicated training, passed an exam, and must register him- or herself in the register of property agents of the province where his or her head office is located. If in doubt, ask an agent for his or her registration number. An unauthorized agent should not charge you a commission or engage in brokerage activities in Italy. This also applies to various non-Italian parties who try to sell Italian real estate and offer their services.


Who guides me through the buying process?

A recognized Italian property agent like ItaliaCasa is trained to guide the entire buying process. He / she knows all the legal aspects and is fully equipped to complete the purchase successfully. From the first viewing up to and including the transfer of ownership at the notary. He / she knows what requirements are set for a property to be sold. Our daily work is to assist foreign home buyers in Italy through the buying process and we take this role very seriously.


How do I pay the purchase price?

The purchase price is paid with an initial down payment to the buyer at the conclusion of the purchase contract and the balance at the notarial transfer. The usual system in Italy is payment with non-transferable and guaranteed checks (assegni circolari) issued by your Italian bank, but this system is increasingly being replaced by payment via the escrow account of the notary. You pay the first deposit directly to the seller as a 'confirmatory deposit' (capara confirmatoria).


4. Building and restoring

Can I renovate or renovate a house myself?

The rules regarding building and renovation in Italy are very strict. A permit is required for all work on the outside of a property. Building or renovating without permits can cause major problems. In addition, all installations such as electricity, water and heating must comply with strict Italian certifications. A succesfull renovation can therefore never be done without the involvement of local specialists.


What costs do I have to take into account when restoring?

The costs for restoration depend of course on the condition of the property and the wishes of the owner. € 1,500 to 1,900 per m2 must be calculated for a complete restoration. The costs of labor and materials are in basically comparable to those in Northern Europe.