About us

ItaliaCasa is a unique International real estate agency with full accreditation in Italy! We combine the best of two worlds. Despite our love for Italy, we do not forget our northern European roots. Our multilingual representatives have a perfect understanding of the local market conditions. We understand our international clients as we do understand the Italian way of doing business. This enables us to offer to our clients the best possible assistance during the buying process. Our team consists of a lawyer, planners, engineers, an architect, and our agency is an official Italian qualified Real Estate agent. With our Italian office and 10 representatives  in in Italy's most valuable Regions we have an extensive network and we assist our clients from A to Z. From the first orientation to the actual transfer of legal ownership at the notary. And then with our property management and building assistance services.

Why choose for ItaliaCasa?

A successful purchase in Italy does not stop with the finding of the right property on a web site. Especially nowadays an interested buyer can find many intermediaries and web portals through which foreign properties are being offered for sale. Often these type of companies lack any knowledge of Italian real estate, the market situation and the legal system in Italy. It is important to choose someone who not only knows to find the houses, but also can properly facilitate the entire closing process with the appropriate expertise. ItaliaCasa is an official Real Estate agency registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Macerata, Italy.

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